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1993 Buckeye Central Volleyball Team

Inducted in 2010

Picture of 1993 Buckeye Central Volleyball Team The 1993 Buckeye Central volleyball team, coached by Nancy Weithman Ackerman went the complete season and all the way through the play-offs without ever having to go to a third set to win a game. The overall record was 27-0 (54 straight games) and they outscored their opponents 810-286 in overall points. This team was responsible for winning four straight NCC titles. The whole season, the very talented team won every game, in just two sets. This accomplishment has never been done in any division since Ohio has kept volleyball records. They won 54 straight games!

The 1993 volleyball team beat many ranked teams during their run to the state, including number one ranked Mansfield Madison. The team members included Laura Obringer, Angie Kimmel, Missy Suver, Sheila Kreim, Melissa Lash, Stephanie Sheibley, Krista Shank, Stephanie Striker, Jennifer Stacklin, Jen Weithman, and Melody Heydinger. The assistant coach was Becky Zoltanski and the manager was Abbie Mann. These girls grew up together and played together from the seventh grade on and it was their goal to win the state tournament and they did so by blowing away their opponents.