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The 1970 Bucyrus Football Team

Inducted in 2011

Picture of The 1970 Bucyrus Football Team

The 1970 Bucyrus Football Team was the first unbeaten, untied football team in Bucyrus High School history. The team won the Northern Ohio League championship and finished in 2nd place in the Ohio “AA” rankings in both the AP and UPI Coaches poll. Bucyrus lead the rankings until the last week of the season, when New Lexington, after beating New Concord John Glenn, moved ahead in the polls. Bucyrus beat Tiffin Columbian to ruin their undefeated season. Tiffin had two players (Chuck Heater and Steve Knight) who went on to play at the University of Michigan and both were drafted in to the NFL. Chuck Heater was a backfield coach and recruiter for Urban Meyer at the University of Florida. The team’s defense allowed only 26 points in 10 games and no opponent scored more than seven points. The team also had six shut outs.

Some outstanding individual accomplishments include:


  • Duane Beal-1st Team All-Ohio deep back, 1st team UPI Quarterback
  • Dick Mack-1st Team UPI linebacker, UPI Ohio Lineman of the Year
  • Mike Pensinger-2nd team UPI End/Offense
  • Rick Wilson-2nd Team UPI Running back



  • Mike Pensinger-1st team End
  • Duane Beal-1st team QB
  • Rick Wilson-1st team Halfback


  • Larry Morrison-1st team End
  • Dick Mack-1st team Linebacker
  • Dave Makley-1st team Linebacker
  • Joe Williams-1st team Defensive back

The head coach of the 1970 Bucyrus Redman football team was Bob Boyles, assisted by Ray Foreman, Rick Lear, Roger Sturgeon, Jerry “Pudge” Hargis and Tom Kottyan. The team consisted of Brad Felkey, Danny Tidaback, Dave Foulk, Ron Wenninger, Jr., Mike Pensinger, Allen Williams, Mike Ritter, Jeff Striker, Dick Mack, Duane Beal, Dave Markley, Joe Williams*, Rick Wilson*, Jim Brady, Benny “Sonny” Lynn, Jr., Chuck Gebhardt, Mike Mikusa, Larry Morrison, Ken Heil, Carl Rittenour, Leonard Hord, Ernie Teynor, Jr., Gary Laipply, Dave Whaley, Mike Wilson*, Dan Gibson*, Cliff Beck, Terry Kemery, Dave Cochran, Bruce Lawson, Ralph Moore, Dan Hudson, Jerry Naufzinger, Dan Jones, Kirk Schiefer, Steve Kalb, Lance Wynn, Earl Yerrick*. The managers were Bruce Rahm*, and John Kissling.